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For information on compatibility with a specific charging station, please see the product descriptions. If you are unsure, please contact us via chat or call us at 877-694-4194 and we would be happy to help you.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Product Specialist Team:

Please note: In-stock items typically ship within 72 hours. Please contact us if you need more information.

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Cable Cradle, EV Charging Station Cable Holder, Wall Mount

Cable Cradle, EV Charging Station Cable Holder, Wall Mount

The ClipperCreek Cable Cradle mounts to a wall near your electric vehicle charging station or c..


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ClipperCreek SAE-J1772 connector holster

Connector Holster for J1772 EV Charging Station Connector, Wall Mount

Wall or pedestal mount SAE J1772 connector holster for use with ClipperCreek electric vehicle c..


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ClipperCreek evse tester CP-50 Compact

CP-50 EVSE Tester

CP-50 EVSE Tester CP-50 Compact EVSE Tester from ClipperCreek is the perfect tool for installers to..


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GFCI outlet kit for evse pedestal

GFCI 120V Outlet Kit

This 120V Ground Fault Receptacle Kit can be used with any ClipperCreek pedestal. Up two o..


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Travel Bracket

HCS EVSE Travel Bracket

HCS EVSE Travel Bracket Introducing ClipperCreek's HCS EVSE Travel Bracket. Do you want to easily r..


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EV Charging Cable Retractor

Retractor for Charging Cables, Wall Mounted

The Wall Mount Retractor from ClipperCreek is the ideal solution for sites that need cable mana..


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j1772 lock

SAE J1772 Combination Lock

Looking for a low-cost way to restrict access to your ClipperCreek charging station? Look no fu..


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HCS EVSE Travel Bracket Bundle

HCS EVSE Travel Bracket Bundle

You can now take the HCS EVSE to your next location allowing for faster charging while on the go!Int..


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