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THE HCS-60 is one of the latest high quality, high power, low priced charging stations from ClipperCreek.
Introducing ClipperCreek's Share2™ enabled HCS-60 bundle. Share2™ allows charging station owners to install two 48A, Level 2 charging stations on one 60A circuit. The Share2™ is an inexpensive solution for any location looking for an easy way to double the number of charge points without running additional 240V circuits. The Share2™ enabled HCS-60 will offer full power if one vehicle is requesting a charge and automatically splits the power if a second vehicle requests a charge at the same time. When one of the vehicles completes charging, the other station reverts to full power for the second vehicle.
The Share2™ enabled HCS-60 has ClipperCreek’s standard best in class product features, including a three year warranty, a fully sealed, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, 25 feet of charge cable, and a separate, low profile wall mount connector holster. Works with all plug-in vehicles including the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Fiat 500e, BMW i3, Kia Soul, Ford C Max, etc. For a complete list of all current electric vehicles and the approximate time to charge from empty to full with a variety of ClipperCreek charging stations, please visit https://www.clippercreek.com/charging-times-chart

Features of the Share2™ enabled HCS-60 include:

  • Maximizes infrastructure investment by turning one charging spot into two
  • Full power charging for one vehicle, split power charging for two vehicles
  • Power sharing from a single circuit between two charging stations
  • ChargeGuard™ key based access control option available
  • Integrated cable wrap making storing the cable simple and convenient
  • SAE-J1772 connector with optional padlock feature
  • Wall Mount J1172 Connector Holster Included
  • Connector Lock & Keys Included
  • 25 foot charging cable to reach multiple parking spaces
  • 3-year warranty
  • ClipperCreek customers are supported by an exceptional customer service team
  • Made in America

Option Available: 
  • ChargeGuard Access Control: Add ChargeGuard to your order for just $78 per HCS-60 and control who is able to use your charging station. ChargeGuard is an simple key-based access control solution designed for fleet, workplace, multi-tenant, hospitality and residential charging applications. READ MORE >

Compatible Mounting Solutions:

Compatible Accessories:
  • Cable Cradle - The ClipperCreek Cable Cradle mounts to a wall near your electric vehicle charging station or connector holster to easily manage the cable, keeping it off the ground and wall when not in use (charging station and connector holster sold separately). $19
  • Combination Lock for Connector - Provides a simple, low-cost, key-less an re-settable way to ensure only authorized users have access to charging $5.95
  • The Wall Mount Retractor from ClipperCreek is the ideal solution for sites that need cable management, keeping charging cables off the ground and vehicle connectors protected.
Charging Power 48A (9.6kW max)
Product Dimensions 19.7"L x 8.9"W x 5.3"D each
Product Weight 20.6 lbs each (2 included in Bundle)
Installation Hardwired (3 foot service whip provided)
Supply Circuit 208/240V, 60A
Warranty 3 years
Charge Cable Length 25 Feet
Vehicle Connector Type Lockable SAE-J1772
Accessories Included SAE-J1772 Connector, Wall mount connector holster, locks and keys
Enclosure Fully sealed NEMA 4
Environment Rating Indoor/Outdoor rated
Operating Temperature -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to +50°C)
Certifications ETL, cETL

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Share2™ Enabled HCS-60 EVSE Bundle, 48 Amp Level 2, 240V, with 25 ft cable

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  • $2,166.00

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